Main Street Perks

Did you know? We love offering our guests an additional savings on their purchases! You can sign up in store, and save on every dollar spent. Our rewards program is simple .

  1. For each dollar spent a customer receives 1 reward point. Alternatively when a customer uses a gift card to pay, you receive 1 reward point per dollar spent.
  2. Whenever a customer accumulates 50 reward points, they are awarded a $5.00 credit on their next purchase. This Credit will be automatically applied as a discount on your next visit.
  3. All you have to do is enter your phone number or email address at your next visit, and wait for your rewards to accumulate.

We award thousands of dollars each month, and it is our joy to be able to reward your frequent purchases and support of our business.

Want to check your rewards balance? Look up here to receive an email with your current balance of in store rewards accumulated.

Please note: Our Perks Program runs separately from our Roaster Reward Online Loyalty program.

We’ll see you soon!

Check Rewards Balance