Why you should follow Main Street on Facebook and Instagram!

We know there are many different voices and brands fighting for your valuable time and attention, but we’d like to take a minute to let you know how much we’d love to have you follow us! On Facebook, we host give-away drawings  (at least once a week, sometimes more) and also offer specials, local information, online promos, and more! One of our customer’s favorite Facebook promos, is our Tuesday “Name-of-the-Day” give-away. Every Tuesday, we feature 3 Names to receive a Free Drink of their choosing!

If you are an Instagram  user, we’d like you to know we love to repost your pictures from your visits to Main Street, as well as other #behindthescene shots that you won’t see on our Facebook page. These images include activity from our roasting room, kitchen,  behind the bar, baking staff, baristas, our kids (spoiler alert- they’re pretty cute!), and more!

This is your official invitation to click like, follow, and join the fun today!

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