Welcome to Main Street Roasters.

At Main Street Roasters, We roast only the highest quality of Arabica beans, and pride ourselves in providing a fresh product. We roast every pound in-house. Our coffee is desired by many due to its smooth and bold qualities, our standard for freshness, and also for our large variety of choices available at reasonable prices.

Welcome! Pour yourself a cup of coffee. We’re glad you’re here.

Our Story

Main Street Coffee House was founded in 2003, by Marcus & Debra Miller. Our dream was to offer a place of relaxation, a place to gather with friends, old and young, and also a place where everyone could feel at home and comfortable. We wanted to focus on friendly, dependable service and we also sought to provide the highest quality of coffees and drinks, and to provide a suitable menu with homemade baked goods, soups, sandwiches, and more.

Our dream became a reality, when we opened at 105 North Main Street, the prior home of the B&B Restaurant. We experienced lots of learning and growing during those first years, but along with that, we experienced a lot of dreams being fulfilled as well.

However, we soon saw the need to provide more space, for our own baking and storage needs, as well as for our customers. We began the planning stages of our remodeling in 2005, and finally completed our addition to the building next door in September of 2006. Our plans included a larger baking facility, more tables, couches, and chairs, and most importantly, the addition of our new roasting facility, Main Street Roasters. With this new facet of our business, we were able to offer better quality control, and a better product.

Fast forward through many learning experiences, kids :), shops in Elkhart and South Bend, Indiana,  that opened and closed doors again, we felt like our best plan of action is to focus our attention solely on our shop in Nappanee and Main Street Roasters. We miss our customers from other cities (Shout out to our friends in DTSB,) and we thank you for your support over the past years as well!

We completed our roasting expansion in Spring 2017. Our Roastery is now located several doors down the street from the coffee house, and this new facility is home to a new roaster, much needed floor space and storage space, and also room to package and ship coffees more efficiently.

In July of 2018, the final phase of our project was completed when we renovated the original roasting space and added it to our seating and retail for the coffee house. We are now able to host more guests in a comfortable, modern atmosphere, and we hope to offer more privacy and a better environment for our guests. Additionally, we completed our rebranding and restructuring as a company and are officially known as Main Street Roasters, in our coffee house, our online presence, and our roastery.

To all of our loyal customers, we thank you for being a part of our story. We know that our dreams would never have become a reality without the support of our friends throughout the community. To our online customers, we hope to treat you with the same level of service and quality that we have offered over the past years to our local customers. Thank you for stopping by today! { Enjoy a few family pics from the past 15 years }

Where to find us?

We are located in beautiful Nappanee, IN. Nappanee is in the heart of Elkhart County, Indiana- one of the largest RV manufacturing areas in the country, and also home to a large Amish community.

We hope you enjoy the charm of small town living, the rural midwest scenes, and also a slower pace lifestyle you won’t find in the larger metro areas. Take a few days to Embrace the Pace!