Colombian Supremo K-Cup Compatible Coffee Main Street Roasters

Colombian Supremo K-Cup Compatible Coffee

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The highest grade of Colombian coffees, our Colombian coffee is dark roasted to produce a perfect cup. Enjoy a dark roast coffee in the convenience of a single use K cup compatible coffee!

Colombia’s gentle coffee flavor is superior to other coffees around the world due to its optimal growing climates year-round, giving its coffee beans the light and flowery taste that many coffee lovers seek. 


About our Dark Roasts:

At Main Street, our dark roasted coffees are roasted lighter than some competitors, the result produces a full bodied cup of coffee, perfect to start off your morning.

A common myth is that dark roasted coffees have more caffeine than other coffees. A dark roast will hold a bolder flavor, and more grounds per water ratio obviously creates a stronger cup than one with less coffee grounds per water ratio. That being said, A dark roast tends to have a slightly higher amount of caffeine than a light roast. However, the difference is insignifigant, and likely won’t be noticed by the average user. 

Dark roast coffee is an easy and versatile coffee to brew. Our dark roasted coffee can be brewed as a drip coffee, pour-over, Chemex, or used in espresso drinks. If you enjoy dark roasted coffee beans, You may also enjoy our Miller Morning Blend, Tanzanian, or Espresso

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