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Hario Stainless Steel Pour-over Coffee Kettle

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This stainless kettle is perfect for pour-over coffee lovers. If you love a precise pour and control, look no further! 

    • Stainless steel kettle with an ergonomic design.

    • Capacity: 41-ounce / 1.2 L / 1200 ml (best filled to about 800 ml)

    • Slender spout for slow, steady and controlled pouring.

    • Ideal for use on any type of cooking surface, including induction.

    • Works perfectly with the Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper.


Stainless Pour over Coffee Kettle.

Hario's V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle is a stainless steel kettle that's easy to use, and offers a thin spout for easy pouring. Offers a generous capacity of 27 ounces of liquid, or roughly 3-4 cups. Works with IH ranges, and gas and electric stoves. Is perfectly compatible with Hario's V60 Coffee Drippers.

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