Roaster Rewards | Loyalty Program

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Welcome to Roaster Rewards

We’re rolling out our online loyalty program to thank you for your support of Main Street Roasters.

Every time you shop online, you can earn reward points! You can also earn reward points by referring others to shop with us, and through other social shares. Read below for more info.

How do I sign up?

Joining is easy! Just register or create an account on our website to get started. Once you’re registered with our online store, you’ll see an option to Join our Roaster Rewards.

Create an Account

You’ll earn 5 bonus points just for creating an account.

How do I earn points online?

Much like our in store Main Street Perks, Our Roaster Rewards offer points by purchasing products. You can earn points by making online purchases, as well as limited offers that we will change from time to time. Those include referring friends to our site, social media referrals, leaving reviews on verified purchases, and more.

As an example, our current promotion includes 10 bonus points for your first purchase, 5 bonus points for reviews on verified purchases, and 5 bonus points for creating an account.

For each dollar spent, an online customer receives 1 Roaster Reward point. Whenever a user accumulates 50 Roaster Reward points, the are awarded $5.00 Roaster Reward credits to use on their next purchase.

How do I spend or redeem my points?

You’ll have an option to redeem Roaster Reward points every time you check out. Alternately, you can accumulate points (up to 1,000) and spend at once if you prefer to.

How do I check my points balance?

Your points balance is viewable in your account information. Points are added to your account automatically after each purchase or action is completed.

What’s the catch? Do my points expire?

Our Roaster Reward program is free, and the points don’t expire.

Are all items included in Roaster Rewards?

Just like our in store rewards, all purchases count towards rewards, with the exception of gift card purchases. This exemption includes e-gift cards or physical gift cards shipped from our site. Online or Verbal Wholesale purchases are also exempt from incurring Roaster Rewards.

Please note: Our Roaster Rewards Online Loyalty program runs separately from our Main Street Perks program. Main Street Perks rewards in-store purchases only.