Update on Remodeling Project!


I’d like to take a few moments to update you on what’s happening next door at our former roasting and office space…


Construction on our new addition began early this spring after all the necessary permits were obtained.  As of today, things are moving along and we are ready for drywall followed by painting and flooring. 



The new addition will include restrooms, seating, retail areas, and also more quiet study areas for your convenience. While we are closed later this summer, we will also be updating some of the seating options in our current space.

Additionally – You can see pictures of our roasting facility (completed in 2017) here which is located at the former Nappanee Health & Fitness building at 158 E Market (just a few doors down from the coffee house).


A few questions we get asked frequently that I would like to address:

Are you going to be closed for a long time to make the opening between the two buildings?  We will not be closed longer that is necessary, and the goal is two weeks. As the time approaches for our shut down, we will be keeping you informed on convenient ways to order coffee, and other details you may have questions about.

Just how much seating are you going to add? Thanks for asking. Our goal is not driven as much by capacity as it is to add varied seating options to better serve our current customer base. We would love to add more options and spaces for our guests through different levels, private corners, a library area, quiet areas for students, and places for groups to have meetings as well.

I’m worried that Main Street will feel different and that my favorite spot won’t be there anymore. Another great concern! We would welcome you to use our contact us form, and express your thoughts about specific ideas or areas. We get lots of varied responses, and although things will look somewhat different, we hope the changes will all be positive and you will love the overall outcome.

We appreciate your interest, involvement, and support of Main Street. Also- a big shout out to our staff — They have done an amazing job of keeping it chill through many crazy days in the past few months. Thanks!! Marcus




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