Local People | Featuring Langston

Local People | Featuring Langston

“Because life is so short, have fun, laugh, and enjoy the little things, whether you have coffee or are just spending time with one person. Life is like a mixed vegetable. Mix multiple things and it all tastes good. There’s always something to try to drag you down, but don’t let it. Just shake it off. Be at peace with yourself and be at peace with other people.

Another thing I’ve learned when I tell my story is that other people are impacted by your story and they find strength and healing from your story. God used that to impact other people, and it’s not about me. We think sometimes that our stories are for us, but it’s actually for people. So if you are struggling in life, just know that it is for a bigger purpose.

I’ve also really been learning in the past year that restoration is something that you take back. You are an overcomer of your circumstances and you have that opportunity to be an overcomer. A lot of what I’m learning is about restoration but also about standing firm no matter what. Stand firm for what you believe. Stand firm for what is right. Stand firm for what you know is true.”

Words of wisdom from Langston, a customer who has a contagious excitement for life and heart for people.

-Ashlyn Feller

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