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For online orders, our coffee is roasted-to-order. If you are an in store customer, we stock our shelves twice a week, so the coffee you are receiving is coffee that has been roasted within the past few days.

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We exclusively roast using only 100% Arabica Beans. Our small batch roasts and attention to detail set us apart from the big box supermarkets using Robusta coffees, or a combination of Robusta and Arabica.

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High Standards

Simply put, we are committed to a higher standard in terms of service. We assure you that your experience will be personal and meet your expectations. 

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Through the years.

After several years of home roasting, experimenting with one pound bags of green coffee from Sweet Marias and other online suppliers, and a few fun experiments…which included building his own roasters, roasting over a grill, and other interesting methods, Marcus started roasting in a professional capacity in 2006.

He received professional training and bought his first roaster. Not only did he learn a lot about roasting in those first years, but also learned more about maintenance, and started researching what he was looking for in a new roaster when he knew the demand was there for a larger capacity.

Ten years later, he was able to not only expand the roastery, but at long last invest in a Loring Smart Roast that has helped stream line production and has helped make roasting an experience that is truly consistent and a work of precision and art.

If you stop by the Roastery, you’ll find the team hard at work- roasting, organizing, and fulfilling orders.

For home roasters and coffee enthusiasts, Marcus offers green coffee in small quantities to customers who stop by and chat about the latest coffee he has available. 

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Small Batch Roasting.

Our craft of roasting in smaller batches allows us to have a greater degree of control in the outcome of each batch.

Commercial size roasters can produce under roasted or over roasted beans which can lead to burnt coffee.

We believe that smaller batches allow us to roast with care and attention so that the best potential for the coffee shines through in every pound you buy from us.

One of the interesting outcomes of the craft coffee culture has been the wide variety of how each roaster and cafe executes their craft.

Some of our fellow coffee roasters roast only single origin (no flavored coffees, no syrups), and other local shops only offer manual brewing methods.

Over the years, our approach and methods in both our coffee house and roastery have changed – and will continue to evolve as we grow and learn. We don’t consider ourselves to have arrived in any area of our craft -which is what makes our work fun and exciting.

We consider it a wonderful opportunity to work along side other vendors, importers, staff members, and customers – and are growing collectively every day.

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Consistent Roasting Methods.

In the coffee community, there is often discussion around the differences between air roasted coffees, and drum roasted coffees. Both roasting styles are effective and capable of producing smooth, consistent roasts. 

When we made the switch in 2017 to our upgraded Loring Roaster, we are happy to report that our research paid off, combining the benefits of both drum and air roasting.

Our Loring brand roaster roasts your beans with a method using hot air - combined with a mechanical stirring function. This unique convection system is not only more gentle on the beans, it gives us a higher level of control, allowing you to develop roasting profiles that are consistent and easy to manage. So although the roaster has a drum, the hot air keeps the beans from resting on the drum, as the beans are continually circulating.

Instead of heating a rotating drum, and heating the air inside like a traditional drum roaster (conductive and convective) -The Loring roasts by recirculating convective hot air through a static drum.