Our Values

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A place for everyone.

Our desire is to create an environment where everyone feels at home when they walk through our doors.

Over the years, we've intentionally created an environment where all ages are expected to visit and find a comfortable and safe space. 

At Main Street, you will find community and a sense of belonging, and most importantly, We hope you feel the love of Jesus when you walk through our doors. 

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Here to serve.

Serving with humility and kindness is the culture we are striving to create and maintain every day. Our staff is trained to serve you and treat you the way they would want to be treated.

From quality of products we source, to the cleanliness of our facilities, every detail is important to us. 

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Part of the family.

Because we started as a family business - and are still operating as one - our staff is an addition to our family and we have connected with so many of our team members over the years. 

Similarly, We consider our guests to be  a natural extension of the Main Street family. 

If we ever disappoint you or miss the mark, please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can improve.

-Marcus and Debra Miller, owners