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Welcome to our blog series featuring staff members at Main Street. We're starting off this series with Cassie, our General Manager. Cassie has worked here starting as a part time barista, and then as a college intern and wearing many different hats, before transitioning to a management role.

Over time, we've added more managers to the team. She now serves as the lead manager, handling both guest and staff relationships.

In addition to assisting guests, she also handles scheduling and hiring. She collaborates with Marcus and the management team to ensure a well-trained team and identifies opportunities for improvement and growth. We appreciate her dedication to, not only her family, but her work family as well. 

Here's a few personal questions to help you get to know Cassie better. 

1. Who's someone who can always make you smile and laugh? "My husband Jeryl, he has a dad joke for every occasion."

2. What place would you like to visit the most? "Hawaii, we had planned to visit in 2020, but cancelled due to travel regulations."

3. Are you a homebody, or do you prefer going out? "I love ordering takeout and relaxing at home."

4. What's your ideal day? "70 degrees please! A breakfast date with Jeryl, shopping with a drink in my hand and a podcast in my AirPods. I'd end the day by hanging out on my porch with my family."

5. What's something you are looking forward to this year? "Seeing my son Kaysen's personality come out! He'll turn one in March, and then the toddler years will begin. He's already so fun and I can only imagine how much crazier life will get!"

If you have enjoyed Cassie's service, Consider taking a second to thank Cassie by leaving a review either on Google or on our online review page. Stay tuned for more staff stories coming soon! 

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