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Meet Your Roaster


meet your coffee roaster nappanee indiana

After several years of home roasting, experimenting with one pound bags of green coffee from Sweet Marias and other online suppliers, and a few fun experiments…which included building his own roasters, roasting over a grill, and other interesting methods, Marcus started roasting in a professional capacity in 2006.

He received professional training and bought his first roaster from the Ambex brand. Not only did he learn a lot about roasting in those first years, but also learned more about maintenance, and started researching what he was looking for in a new roaster when he knew the demand was there for a larger capacity.

Ten years later, he was able to not only expand the roastery, but at long last invest in a Loring Smart Roast that has helped stream line production and has helped make roasting an experience that is truly consistent and a work of precision and art.


Thank you for drinking Main Street Roasters. So grateful for your trust in our product. Cheers!

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