Our Story

We started Main Street Coffee House in 2003 with the goal of offering a local space where community could happen; a place where friends, young and old, could connect, and where new friendships could be made.

In 2003, our dream became a reality. We were privileged to open Main Street Coffee House at the location of the iconic B&B restaurant in the heart of downtown Nappanee.

It didn’t take long to discover that we weren’t the only ones who were excited about a coffee shop in our community. We quickly fell in love with the coffee shop and having a front row seat to connections being made in our space and community happening around coffee.

We soon saw that we needed to provide more space, both for our customers and for our own baking and storage needs. In 2005 we began to plan for a full remodel and an expansion into the building beside us. These plans included a larger baking facility and more tables, couches and chairs for guests.

But the most important part of this expansion was the addition of a coffee roasting facility. By adding our own in-house coffee roasting, we were able to offer a better product and increase quality control. Right from the start, Marcus loved the art of coffee roasting (nobody’s complaining about that). In 2008, he started working full-time in coffee roasting and management of the coffee house. This allowed us to start roasting coffee for more than just our own in-house usage, and we began to form wholesale connections with other nearby businesses.

We opened up coffee shops both in Elkhart and South Bend, but eventually decided that running multiple locations was making us too scattered, both as a business and as a family.

As a result, we made the difficult decision to close doors and focus our attention solely on our hometown Nappanee location, as well as growing our roasting brand. Although we miss our customers from the other cities, we are grateful for the loyalty of many of you who still come to see us occasionally in Nappanee.

In 2017, we entered the next phase of expansion when we moved our roasting facilities into a separate building just a few doors down from the coffee house.

At the same time, we upgraded to a larger coffee roaster. This added space in the roastery has given us the ability to be able to operate more efficiently with increased space for coffee storage and order processing. After the coffee roasting facilities moved out of the coffee house, we began the final phase of our expansion project. This involved opening up the old roasting space for more retail and seating space.

This expansion has given us the ability to host our guests in a large, comfortable atmosphere that includes small and large dining tables, lounge areas, a library, conference rooms, and more. During this phase, we restructured and rebranded our company under the name “Main Street Roasters” so that our coffee brand would be consistent both locally and online.

Since 2018, We have experienced growth in our brick and mortar and online businesses. Adding additional space was not without challenges, as we all had to adapt to the change in volume and learn to grow through all of the ups and downs of the past few years. 

We credit God for his faithfulness- and also an amazing team helping manage our business every day. 

We couldn't end this story without thanking you, our customer, for entrusting us over the years. Thank you to all of you who have supported us - both locally and online. We are truly grateful.

Marcus & Debra Miller
Grace, Hailey, Carson, Brooky, Alli