Coffee Themed Party for Valentines - or any day this winter

Coffee Themed Party for Valentines - or any day this winter

Looking for ways to cheer up the drab days of winter? If Coffee is your true love, we've created a simple list of ideas to get your creativity sparked, and create fun memories with your favorite people during the valentines season. 

You can also hop over to Pinterest, and add a few Coffee Related Crafts such as making coffee scrubs: Provide the ingredients and instructions for guests to make their own coffee scrubs or soap. 

Here's a few quick ideas for a party:

  1. Serve coffee-themed snacks: Offer items such as muffins, coffee cake, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and biscotti.

  2. Have a latte art station: Find your barista friends (everyone has one) and ask them to help you with frothing tips, and a few nice pouring techniques. 

  3. Organize a coffee cupping: A coffee cupping is a formal event where coffee is tasted and evaluated. 

  4. Host a coffee-making competition: Divide the guests into teams, provide them with the necessary equipment, and let them compete to see who can make the best coffee.

  5. Coffee and dessert pairing: Pair different coffee drinks with desserts that complement the flavors, such as a dark roast coffee with chocolate cake.

  6. Coffee and Board game night: Have a relaxed night in with friends and family while sipping on coffee and playing board games.

  7. Coffee and Painting Night: invite guests to a night of painting and sipping on their favorite coffee drinks.

If all else fails, text a few friends, meet at Main Street, and just spend some time together. We're ok with that too! 


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