Discover the Hidden Treasures in Nappanee, Indiana

Discover the Hidden Treasures in Nappanee, Indiana

If you find yourself planning a visit to Main Street- we'd love to invite you to browse a few other stops in our growing town. 

Nestled amidst picturesque rural landscapes and steeped in rich history, Nappanee offers a unique blend of tourist attractions, RV industries, delectable food, and a thriving local shopping scene. Join us as we explore the hidden treasures and vibrant local flair of Nappanee's shopping landscape.

Here's a few suggestions:

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Downtown Nappanee: Take a leisurely stroll through the heart of Nappanee along Main Street, where you'll find a delightful mix of shops, boutiques, and cafes. Uncover unique clothing boutiques offering fashion-forward pieces, explore specialty shops stocked with home goods and decor, and find that perfect gift at one of the locally-owned gift shops.

Don't forget to visit our sister store, Neighbors Mercantile, or grab a cup of ice cream at the new Sweet G's ice cream store. We also recommend homemade fudge made locally by Venis Sweet Shop .

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Amish community at The Barns (Formerly Amish Acres Historic Farm). Aside from its cultural exhibits and events, the farm boasts an array of local shops that showcase the craftsmanship and tradition of the Amish. Discover exquisite handmade furniture, browse through quilts and crafts, and visit the Round Barn Theatre.

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Other local Favorites..

Step into history at Coppes Commons, a must-visit destination that showcases the town's heritage. Visit Miller's Orchard, KEY Boutique, Nappanee Bakery, Ruhe 152, Hunters Hideaway, Bella's Books - to name a few. 

Thanks for visiting beautiful Elkhart County, Indiana.  

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