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Staff Stories | Cassie
Welcome to our blog series featuring staff members at Main Street. We're starting off this series with Cassie, our General Manager.
Local People | Featuring Theodore
“One thing I’ve been learning a lot lately is that kindness to people is more important than most things like how much money you make, what car you drive, or who your family is.
Local People | Featuring Langston
There’s always something to try to drag you down, but don’t let it. Just shake it off. Be at peace with yourself and be at peace with other people. "
Local People | Featuring Jason
So, how I react to failure, adversity, and the things I can’t control is really important. That’s what I hope to do and to help other people do too.” Follow along in Main Street's Local People series as we learn from each other. 

faces of main street.

At Main Street, the most important part of what we do is the people we work with, serve, and do life with. Some of the most interesting social media series that we have shared over the years are the times we hear from our locals. Join us as we highlight some of these past posts in our blog.